About Us 【關於我們】
"Surf" and “Serve” 搜網相助,互相幫忙

No matter how rich or poor you are, you might still have a wish. Sometimes a wish can be difficult for one to achieve, but can be made true in others’ capable hands. Online Wishing Tree is here to provide a free platform for people around the world to make wishes, and then for someone who is capable of fulfilling to make it come true. The objective is to help each others out to build a better community!

無論你是多麼富有或貧窮,你總有一個願望。有時這個願望在你來說可能是很難實現, 但可能在別人手上只是舉手之勞。許願樹在線是一個免費的網上平台,讓世界各地的人們許願,並容許別人為許願者提出協助。只要有願望,便可能有一天能成真。希望大家 能夠【搜網相助】,共創和諧社會!

The Spirit & Meaning 許願樹精神及意義

In the past decades, people always fight for personal interest or sovereignty during halcyon days, but somehow will help each other when calamity arrives. This phenomenon expresses that people are willing to share only when tragedy comes. Online Wishing Tree is a spiritual concept with the hope that people can give sharing even during halcyon days and think of the good side of people around them. Some people might have helped you in the past, so why not help out the others when you are capable of doing so? “To Surf and To Serve” has become our primary concept.


The Concept 構思

The Internet has unconsciously shortened the distance of people around the world. Through different websites, we can efficiently gather information of any other places and the use of Internet is very popular. In light of the trend, we think if there is a place for people anywhere in the world who require help to raise their request on a common platform; this can facilitate their needs to be heard by others. For example, if a child from somewhere requires material support, or a patient from somewhere requires donation of some sort, etc…


Thank You! 謝謝!

Finally, we would like to thank everyone of you who have participated in helping others. Your contribution will definitely make a change to the community. We also hope that people can make proper use of the web site, deliver help where possible and continue such spirit in their daily lives.