FAQ 常見問題
Common Questions That You Might Have In Mind 一些常遇的問題:
How to make a wish? 我怎樣許願?

To make a wish, you will first of all need to login to your wish area, and then you can fill in your wish details in the text area. Please note only 80 characters are allowed in this text box. After doing so, you can select your wish Category and wish Priority. If your wish does not require help, please select "No Help Required...". Press “Make A Wish!” when finished, and your wish will be displayed on the main page.


How to close a wish? 我怎樣關閉願望?

To close a wish, you will need to fill in the wish ID that you are trying to close, also along with the helper’s user ID. If the wish is not fulfilled, please select “No” from the drop down menu and then put “NA” as the helper’s username. If you select “Yes” from the drop down menu, the helper will be credited for helping out your wish, and will be counted towards our database. Once the help credit reaches the top 50, the helper’s username will be displayed on our “Hero Page”.


How many concurrent wishes can I make? 我可有幾個現行的願望?

Each user can have a maximum of 10 concurrent wishes made at a time. Once you have opened 10 wishes, you will need to close the wishes before you can make new wishes again.


How do I contact wish makers? 我怎樣聯絡許願者??

You will first of all need to login to the website, and then go to the Interactive Wall, from there; you can enter the wishID you are trying to help, followed by your short message. Again, this will only allow up to 80 characters. Once you have filled in the details required, press the “Send Help” button and then your contact email address will be exchanged with the wish makers. These messages will be shown in your Outgoing Interactive Activities table.


How do I know if someone is trying to offer help to my wish? 我怎樣知道有人嘗試對我許下的願望提供幫助?

When a helper interacts your wishID, your contact email address will be exchanged with the helper and the message will be displayed in your Incoming Interactive Activities table.